Why is there no option to pay using PayPal?

We've decided to use Stripe as our payment processor rather than PayPal for a number of reasons. As well as providing significantly better technical integration opportunities, there are a number of benefits for organisers in accepting Stripe payments, including:

  1. The money is transferred directly to a bank account, which helps organisers pay for any costs they incur prior to the event.
  2. There is no admin overhead for the organiser in processing DanceCloud ticket fees, as Stripe automatically separates these during the payment process.
  3. The card processing fee for Stripe is lower than PayPal.

A number of organisers involved in the DanceCloud pilot have been looking for alternatives to PayPal for some time, and we believe Stripe provides what they are looking for. As such, we have no plans to introduce an option to pay using PayPal.


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