I'm signing up with a partner. Do I need to pay for both of us or can we pay separately?

If you are registering with a partner, you must purchase both your ticket and your partner's at the same time. This might be different from how you've registered for events in the past, so here is an explanation of why this is the case...

When you register for an event that has a wait list, you are sold tickets or wait listed based on whether your registration helps improve the balance of leads and follows at the event. If you are registering with a partner you are very likely to immediately be sold tickets rather than being asked to join the wait list. You are also much more likely to get places straight away if you register a mixed group of leads and follows that is well balanced.

We ask that you buy tickets for you and your partner (or the whole group) at once as otherwise it would provide a loophole to by-pass the wait list. If tickets were sold separately, someone could say they are signing up with a partner, buy their own ticket on that basis, but then their partner does not pay for their ticket. This would not only inconvenience other dancers who are waiting for tickets at the event, but it would also create an admin overhead for organisers who would have to cancel and refund the tickets.

We will finish though with a note to say that we do have ideas on how we are going to implement the facility for partners to pay separately in the future.


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