What is Stripe and how does DanceCloud handle my card payment details?

Stripe is a payment processing service that allows its customers to accept credit and debit card payments through the internet. Dance organisers link their Stripe account to DanceCloud so that they can accept credit and debit card payments for their events on DanceCloud. When you pay for tickets on DanceCloud, you are directly paying the event organiser using Stripe. 

At no point does your card information get sent to DanceCloud's server. It is sent to Stripe using a direct connection between your browser and Stripe's server. This means DanceCloud never receives, holds or processes your card information. All communication of your card information is secured by Stripe's encryption and security standards. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. By using Stripe, DanceCloud is automatically compliant with the strictest PCI requirements.

You can find out more about Stripe on their own website.


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