Why did the booking status shown for my role differ from the availability once I completed a registration?

Our booking status is an indicator of the likely answer you'll get if you complete a registration for an event. It shows green if your role (lead or follow) is available to book, amber if you'd have to join the wait list, or red if that role is currently sold out.

In most cases, the booking status you see before attempting to book for an event will be accurate. However, there are a few scenarios where the status you are shown may differ from the answer you get when you complete a registration.

Simultaneous Bookings

Other dancers may register for the event around the same time as you. The booking status can therefore change between when your browser downloaded it and when your event registration reaches our server. These situations are rare, but are an inevitable result of running a ticketing system where multiple dancers can interact with the system at once.

For example, if the status is shown as green (available) but someone else submits a registration that reaches our server before yours. They will be offered the available space, and if there are no other spaces currently available, you will be asked to join the wait list.

Dancing Only Bookings

If an event has lessons and social dancing, but people signing up for lessons always get entry to the dancing, we reserve spaces at the dance for people attending the lessons. If you are registering only for dancing, the status may display green (available) but you may be wait listed if a high proportion of spaces at the dance are currently reserved for people attending lessons.

Mixed Groups

A mixed group is a group that includes both leads and follows. If you are registering a mixed group, you may find the booking status is completely different from the availability when you submit the registration. This is because our booking status is based on single leads or follows, and on groups that have equal numbers of leads and follows. Submit a completed registration to discover the availability of spaces for your mixed group.


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