Why are both leads and follows showing as wait listed?

There are a few scenarios where an event on DanceCloud might be wait listing both leads and follows at the same time. This can occur when:

  1. Multiple dancers attempting to simultaneously book when there is a close balance between leads and follows. DanceCloud must wait to see whether the people at the front of the queue complete their purchase, so in the meantime both roles are added to the wait list.
  2. An event aiming for an equal, or near-equal, balance between leads and follows. In these scenarios, there's likely to only be one available position for each role at a time. This means that almost all people registering for the event will have to join the wait list.
  3. An event that is almost sold out and has more people on the wait list than available tickets. Once all the tickets are sold out, the event will show as sold out rather than as wait listed. Remember that you can still join the wait list if an event is sold out - as tickets can become available if the organiser increases spaces or dancers cancel.

If you want to attend an event, it is always advisable to complete a registration even if the event is showing as wait listed for your role. The time you join the queue affects your position on the wait list, so you stand a much better chance of getting your desired ticket(s) if you join the wait list as soon as possible.


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