How can I increase my chance of getting spaces if I'm on the wait list?

The most common reason for an event to have a wait list is because too many of one dance role (lead/follow) have booked than the other. When this occurs, dancers attempting to register as the more popular role will end up on the wait list until dancers of the opposite role buy tickets.

To help us explain how you can get tickets quicker, we'll use the example of an event that has more follows booked than leads. Just note that the same advice works if the scenario were reversed - i.e. more leads booked than follows.

In our example, if you register as a single follow you'll be added to the wait list. As leads sign up, spaces will be released to follows according to their order on the wait list. Here's our tips on how to get a space quicker...

Book with a Partner

In this scenario, you are highly likely to be able to book straight away if you sign up with a lead rather than as a single follow. This is because the lead you are booking with helps improve the balance at the event. So even if you're further back in the queue, you'll get a ticket.

This is no different from when dance organisers in the past have allowed dance partners (lead + follow) to book even if there is an active wait list.

Book in a "Mixed" Group

What's new with DanceCloud is that you can also increase your chances of getting a ticket by booking with a group that has a mix of leads and follows. If a mixed group improves the balance at the event, you'll get a ticket straight away.

In our example scenario, a group of 2 follows booking with 1 lead stand a better chance of getting spaces than the two follows signing up separately. The better the balance of the group you are trying to book, the greater your chances. E.g. a group of 3 follows and 2 leads has a better chance than 2 follows with 1 lead.

Try to keep your group as balanced as possible! A group with a really bad balance (e.g. 5 follows and 1 lead) will struggle to get tickets for an event. Factor in whether you are booking for lessons or social dances. In our experience, dance organisers attempt to keep a close balance between leads and follows for lessons, and are more flexible with social dances.

Note that if you are booking as a group, one person will have to pay for the entire group's tickets. Plus you'll all need to be buying the same ticket type (if the event has a choice of tickets).

How to Change Your Registration

We always advise you join the wait list as soon as possible, as the time you join affects your position in the queue. Join even if you expect to be wait listed.

Once you're on the wait list, you can amend your registration yourself at any time. Just return to the event registration page (you'll need to sign in) and choose to edit your registration. So if you've found dancers of the opposite role to sign up with, this is how you do it.

Once you've updated the registration, DanceCloud will re-check whether it can sell you the tickets straight away. If booking as a mixed group, do not worry if the tickets are not bookable straight away: if you can't book them, you've still increased your chances of getting tickets the next time a lead signs up.


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