I couldn't book before the deadline, but still want a ticket. What should I do?

If you do not complete a purchase within the deadline given, the spaces will be released to other people on the wait list who may purchase those tickets instead. When this happens, you are left in the queue but priority is given to people who have not had a chance to purchase tickets. If more spaces become available you will be notified if you are eligible. 

If you feel there is a good reason why you were unable to book in time, and are hoping that priority will not be given to others in the queue, then you should contact the organiser of the event. They can restore you to your original position in the queue; however this is totally at their discretion.

Please note that if you fail to complete a booking on the second time spaces are released to you, DanceCloud will not email you again. This is because we don't want to be filling up people's inboxes with emails. If you've missed two notification emails but still want a ticket, contact the event organiser who can restore you to your original position on the wait list. Whether they choose to do this is at their discretion. Once they have done this, DanceCloud will email you again if you are eligible for any tickets that become available.


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