Can I buy tickets for multiple events at once?

Yes, in DanceCloud you can purchase tickets for multiple events at once, as long as the events are run by the same event organiser. This may differ from your experience of purchasing tickets on other booking websites.

We have designed our system to allow you to book for multiple dance events at once as in our experience dancers quite often want to do this - particularly for organisers who run lots of events. 

When you register for an event and tickets are available straight away, your ticket(s) will be added to your shopping basket. You are given 30 minutes to purchase your ticket(s). If you want to book for another event, head to that event, complete the registration and if tickets are available straight away, add them to your basket. You can then pay for all the tickets at once.

Time Limits

Note that you must complete your purchase within the first 30 minutes that you were given. For example, if you add tickets for the second event to your basket 20 minutes after the first event, you will still have 10 minutes to complete the purchase for the first event.

In other words, adding tickets for a second event to your basket does not extend the deadline for the first event tickets. This is intentional - otherwise people could use the functionality to repeatedly extend deadlines, holding up other dancers trying to register for the events.

Note that the 30 minute deadline does not apply to people who have been released tickets from the wait list. Your time limit will be that specified by the email you received saying tickets had been released to you, which is a minimum of 24 hours from when the email was sent. If you haven't left it to the last minute to complete your purchase, this will mean you have plenty of time to shop around for tickets for other events. However, if you add tickets for other events to your shopping basket, a 30 minute deadline will apply to these additional tickets.

Why can't I buy tickets for different organisers at once?

When you pay for tickets in DanceCloud, you are paying the organiser directly. This means you need to complete a separate credit card transaction for each organiser.


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