What can I do to prevent wait list emails ending up in my junk folder?

If you are on an event's wait list and a ticket becomes available, you'll be sent an email by DanceCloud asking you to return to purchase the ticket. We have designed the email to avoid spam filters as much as possible, but unfortunately it is largely out of our control whether the email lands in your junk mail box.

All our notification emails are sent from notifications [at], including wait list notifications and order confirmations. This email address is reserved for that use and will not be used for sending generic communications such as newsletters.

If you'd like our notification emails to avoid being filtered out by your email program, we advise adding this email to your address book / contacts. Some email programs will also have a spam safe list. If your program has one of these, then add the above address to that list.

If you find one of our emails in your junk folder, most email programs provide a link or button to tell the program that the email is not junk. Clicking that helps, as it reduces the chances of any future emails from us being filtered out.

We haven't provided details for specific email programs here as there are so many of them out there. But we are happy to help if you're stuck. Use the submit a ticket link at the top of this help centre page to send us a message. Make sure you let us know which email program you're using.


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