Want to join the DanceCloud pilot?

Great, we're excited that you're interested in DanceCloud!

We're currently piloting our capability with a number of dance organisers. The pilot provides us with valuable feedback as to what needs to be improved before public launch, and allows us to iron out any bugs that our testing has not found.

Our pilot involves the majority of our planned capability. If you're a dance organiser thinking of joining the pilot, the following provides some information of whether or not the pilot is suitable for you.


You'll need to be running events in the UK and accepting payments in GBP.

We are planning to open up our pilot to other English speaking countries in the near future. We're just finalising legal and taxation issues before we do that. Keep an eye on our Twitter account @dancecloudcom or Facebook page for announcements.

Available Ticket Types

Our pilot supports the majority of ticket types used at dance events. You'll need to be planning to sell tickets that are:

  • Whole Event tickets (lets customers into all activities - lessons and/or dancing - at your event)
  • Lessons Only tickets
  • Dancing Only tickets
  • Pay-per-lesson tickets: where the price a customer pays is dependent on the number of lessons they are attending. 
  • Custom created tickets, where you define the lessons and/or social dances at the event that the ticket allows access to.

In practice, this means you can sell tickets for events such as workshops, social events (e.g. Balls), regular classes or social dances, and exchanges/festivals that have straight-forward ticketing options.

The main thing we cannot ticket at the moment are "streams" - where a customer buying a ticket for the event needs to sign up for a particular track of lessons. The good news is we'll be able to support these events in the near future.

Stripe and Card Payments

DanceCloud allows you to accept credit and debit card payments through a Stripe account. If you don't already have a Stripe account, you'll need to create one when joining the pilot.

There is no support for Paypal payments. This is intentional as Stripe provides significantly better technical integration opportunities which have made DanceCloud possible to develop. Stripe is also more cost-effective, reduces admin time for organisers and results in money being deposited directly into the dance organiser's bank account.


There are no subscription costs to sell tickets on DanceCloud. Our service is paid for through ticket booking fees.

As an organiser you can choose to pass this ticket booking fee on to your customers, or pay it yourself (i.e. include it within the cost of your tickets). Our experience is that organisers take different approaches, which is why we've made the choice yours.

The DanceCloud ticket booking fee for the pilot is 2.25% plus 50p, per ticket. Our fee is capped at 10% of the ticket price. So a £5 ticket will incur a 50p fee, instead of a 61p fee.

There is also a card processing fee (Stripe fee). This is calculated on the amount charged to the customer's card. This cannot be passed on to the customer as it always comes out of the amount charged. At the time of writing, the Stripe fee in the UK is 1.9% + 20p on domestic card, but you can see their latest prices here.

The combination of these fees means that DanceCloud is cheaper to use than EventBrite + Paypal. All DanceCloud fees are being re-invested in the service, to prepare it for public launch and expand its capability.

What to do if you want to join?

If you would like to join the pilot or find out more, submit a request in this support site. You'll need to provide the following information before we can create your organiser account:

  1. The name of your organisation;
  2. Your organisation's website address;
  3. Your organisation's email address; and
  4. What you would like your organiser account name to be. This is used in the URL for your public ticket office - e.g. if your account name was wedanceuk, then your ticket office will be at It needs to be an alpha-numeric string, with no punctuation.
  5. Your personal email address that you used to sign up to DanceCloud. Personal accounts are separate to organiser accounts, and are used to gain access to an organiser account. You will have already created a personal account if you have bought a ticket through DanceCloud. If you haven't, go to this page to register a personal account before contacting us about an organiser account.

Thanks for your interest in joining the pilot and we look forward to hearing from you.


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